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We are imaging professionals  – Working with Venue Owners and Exhibitors to increase their reach with enhanced Media Rich, 3D Virtual Tours

“We want you to experience the wow factor of a 3D virtual tour.   Try it risk-free.   We’re so confident you’ll love it,  we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on scan fees.  If it’s not for you, simply let us know and we will refund for the tour.

Tony Pincham


Photographer | Director, Images for Industry Ltd.

Immerse Yourself:  Present Your Space with Dynamic 3D Virtual Tours
24/7 Access

Direct Links to Your Website and Catalogue

We invite you to step inside.  Click on the play button to explore this 3D Space.  Hover over the icons to view media rich links and videos.  The circles on the floor indicate separate scan points, so you can be very precise how you navigate the tour.  Click and drag to turn around or use the arrow keys

The example was scanned and filmed in just a few hours and displayed on the Zsuzsanna Pataki Fine Art website

Now the end of an exhibition can be the start of a new 3D portfolio and it can also be published to:   Google My Business [in many instances]

I so love having my exhibition available for visitors, even after the show had been taken down. When I meet a new client, they want to know what my works look like, in real life, so I take them for a spin in my virtual gallery show. With Tony’s help I can show them my recent collection, send them the link if they ask, and it’s all connected to the e-commerce on my website. The small videos were fun to do, Tony makes you feel like it’s just another chat about the artworks. Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to the next VR exhibition tour!

Zsuesanna Pataki

Artist, Zseusanna Pataki Fine Art

Full Tours starting at £900 inc. VAT

Looking to showcase your venue or art in a unique and immersive way?  You can bring your showroom to life online, allowing potential clients to explore your space and products from anywhere in the world. Stand out from your competition, increase engagement, and reach new clients with our exceptional value 3D virtual tours.  Book a free 15-minute discovery meeting to find out more

Embedded Videos by Artist or Curator

Our tours can also feature delicate mouse-over YouTube videos related to each artwork, giving visitors and clients the opportunity to hear from the artists or curator. Whether it’s an explanation of your inspiration or the story behind the piece, these videos add an extra layer of depth to your art. Get ready to be captivated and inspired.

The custom link feature revolutionises the way curators and artists connect with their audience. With our innovative platform, you can easily create personalised links for your virtual tour, providing direct access for potential clients to purchase your artwork.

Get a 3D virtual tour for your business and let your art shine like never before.

Over 4K Scan of Gallery Space and Exhibition

Our 3D virtual tour allows you to explore the full exhibition whether it is a single room or multiple rooms and zoom in on individual art works to see every intricate brush stroke. Get a closer look at the mastery behind each artwork and immerse yourself in the artist’s vision.  Matterport tours offer much greater detail and clarity than standard 4K video.

With the high-quality zoom feature, you won’t miss a single stroke. Book a free 15-minute strategy meeting to find out how our exceptional value 3D virtual tours can enhance your gallery experience and reach new clients.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your art in the most captivating way.

Resolution Details for Nerds

While the specific terms “4K” or “HD” aren’t directly used to describe the resolution of Matterport tours, they offer a helpful reference point. Here’s how the Pro3’s resolution relates to these popular terms:

Color Image Resolution: 134.2 million pixels is significantly higher than 4K resolution (approximately 8.3 million pixels). This means Matterport tours offer much greater detail and clarity than standard 4K video.  While not technically 8K (around 33 million pixels), the Pro3’s image resolution falls closer to high-end 8K than conventional 4K.

Depth Resolution doesn’t directly translate to pixel count like regular images. However, a high PPS and point count like the Pro3’s (100,000 PPS and 1.5 million points per scan) enable highly accurate and detailed 3D models, surpassing the precision achievable with typical 4K or even 8K video depth maps.

In essence, while Matterport doesn’t use strict terms like “4K” for resolution, its capabilities for both color and depth data exceed what these terms encompass, offering even greater detail and accuracy for capturing and presenting spaces virtually.

  • Enhanced Engagement

  • Extended Reach
  • Increased Sales
  • Tell Your Story

In an age where digital experiences hold increasing sway, media-rich virtual tours offer unparalleled avenues for artists and galleries to sell, educate, and inform audiences worldwide.  By embracing this technology, galleries and artists alike can transcend physical limitations, tap into global markets, and foster deeper, more enduring connections with art enthusiasts.

At the forefront, virtual tours enable artists and galleries to expand their reach and sell works to a borderless audience.  No longer confined by gallery space or geographic location, virtual exhibitions showcase artwork in high-resolution, often alongside rich contextual information.  This democratizes art access; potential buyers from continents away can meticulously examine pieces, fostering the consideration that leads to informed purchases. Virtual tour platforms often incorporate e-commerce features, allowing viewers to transition seamlessly from appreciation to acquisition.

Beyond sales, media-rich virtual tours unlock vast educational potential.  By weaving in explanatory texts, audio guides, artist interviews, and even interactive elements, galleries create multi-layered learning experiences.  Students unable to physically attend exhibitions can delve into artistic techniques, historical contexts, and curatorial visions at their own pace. Educators can integrate virtual tours into lesson plans, extending the reach of the gallery as a place of knowledge far beyond its walls.

Furthermore, virtual tours serve as powerful archival and informational tools.  They document exhibitions with incredible detail, preserving them for posterity.  This is invaluable for ephemeral artworks, time-limited shows, or galleries seeking to build a lasting historical record.  Potential visitors can use virtual tours to research past exhibitions, gain an understanding of an artist’s trajectory, or plan future in-person visits, boosting both engagement and physical footfall.

Of course, it’s crucial to recognize that a virtual tour can never fully replace the visceral experience of standing before an artwork in person.  However, when designed thoughtfully, they become powerful complements to physical exhibitions.  Galleries can utilize virtual tours to pique interest and attract global viewers who may later plan in-person visits, or even commission works based on their virtual experience.

The use of media-rich virtual tours demands both creativity and technical rigor. Incorporating high-quality 360-degree photography, video elements, and informative overlays requires expertise.  Yet, the rewards for galleries and artists are well worth the investment.  By embracing this dynamic medium, the art world expands beyond gallery walls, forging deeper connections with diverse audiences, driving sales, and ensuring the enduring legacy of artistic expression.